Enhance oil production with Paraflean

Paraflean™ is a proprietary blend of synthetic surfactants and solvents customized for chemically breaking down high molecular weight organic compounds in crude oil. The breakdown and removal of these compounds improve the flow of crude oil, especially at lower temperatures.

Solid paraffin chips @ 100F

Paraflean™ improves flow @ 40F by chemically breaking down heavy hydrocarbons


  • NO HEAT REQUIRED: Paraflean™ breaks down heavy hydrocarbons including paraffin and asphaltenes without additional heating.
  • AVAILABLE IN 3 VERSIONS: Paraflean™, ParafleanG2™, Paraflean Prime™. Flowfect’s internal laboratory services helps in selecting the right product for an application.
  • XYLENE, TOLUENE, AND BENZENE FREE FORMULA: These aromatic hydrocarbons are known for their health, occupational, and safety hazards.
  • USEFUL IN WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: Paraflean™ works very effectively in flowlines, wellbore, injection/drip lines, storage tanks, and storage vessels transporting crude oil.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Paraflean™ pays for itself by sustaining high production levels. In many cases, hydrocarbons that are removed from the flowlines are saleable for additional revenues.
  • EASY DELIVERY: Paraflean™ is conveniently available in 55 gal drums and 275 gal totes in the continental United States.