Dr. Syed Akbar

Syed is a scientist, researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur. His extensive experience and background in proppant technologies, fracturing fluids, and hydraulic fracturing complement his doctoral works in Interfacial Engineering, Advanced Polymer Chemistry, and Material Science. Syed is a natural researcher whose innate curiosity leads him to a continuous path of innovation. During his 15 year tenure at Santrol Proppants, a division of Fairmount Minerals, he individually authored and co-authored several patents relating to proppants and technologies used in hydraulic fracturing. Before departing Fairmount Santrol, Syed held the position as Chief Scientist. As a Chief Technology Officer of Flowfect, he continues his innovative work in developing ideas and technology that are environmentally responsible and benefit oil & gas industry. In addition to his professional pursuits in energy industry, Syed satisfies his intellectual curiosity by conducting research in the areas of neurological sciences, nutrition, and astronomy. As an entrepreneur, Syed is passionately involved in discovering ways to create employment, helping youth to self-sufficiency through education and training, and serving the under privileged through charitable efforts. He attended Rice University and currently resides in the Houston Area with his family.