Enhance oil production with Flowpal

Flowpal™ is Flowfect’s remediation tool and technology for blocked flowlines. Chemical treatments of flowlines to remove paraffin and asphaltenes fail primarily due to the inaccessibility. Chemicals do not reach the paraffin plug due to restriction caused water or other materials. Flowpal™ has the ability to self-propel itself in a flowline for a long distance. Flowpal’s extended reach allows it to access and remediate blockage plugs as far as nearly quarter of mile, 1200 feet, away. This extended reach enables Flowpal™ to deliver Paraflean™, Flowfect’s proven performance chemical solution for blockage removal, directly to the area of the blockage. As Flowpal™ injects Paraflean™ into the plug’s matrix in a high velocity and sharply focused stream, the plug softens and crumbles away. This special chemical delivery and plug cutting tool is also equipped to capture and return the solids, sediments, wax, asphaltenes, scale, and other debris to recovery vessels.


  • FULLY CLEAN LINES: Flowpal™ cleans the flowlines to their full inner diameter.
  • NO RESIDUAL DEBRIS LEFT: Flowpal™ recovers all major debris through its debris return system.
  • SELF PROPELING: Flowpal™ self-propels itself to reach extended distances in the flowline for targeted delivery of fluid.
  • SLIM TO NONE CHANCES OF GETTING STUCK: Since Flowpal™ disintegrates paraffin plug from the very beginning, there are extremely low chances of it getting stuck in the line.