Innovation and Laboratory Services

Although innovation has always been a part of human history, its necessity and value rose to unprecedented levels with the advent of the knowledge worker and information age. Today, the rate of change and development of new products, ideas and processes demand that businesses innovate constantly. We at Flowfect believe that half-life of a new product and technology entering the market is 2 to 2.5 years; therefore, we keep ourselves continuously invested in developing the technologies for tomorrow.

We believe that economic and social value creation are inseparable components of innovation. Hence we carefully explore commercial and social viability of an innovative idea, product or process in-house prior to inviting alliance partners for joint ventures. Our innovative efforts target flourishing sub markets within the energy industry, and where we identify breakthrough-starved constraints with massive market potential.

Flowfect’s Laboratory and Step by Step Technical Services Process:

Our laboratory acts as a foundation for our ability to innovate. Certain concepts we realize in our lab move on to pilot-level scale up. In addition to research and development, we utilize our lab to generate and provide data for a long range of specialized and routine tests.

We at Flowfect believe that we should determine the true utility and efficacy of a product before we supply it to a client to use. This mindset is our way of demonstrating that we believe in prospering with our customers and not at their expense. We provide technical help and services to our clients according to the following process:

  • We attempt to understand the application for which a product is needed.
  • We conduct a thorough research in our laboratory to see if our existing product(s) can serve the need.
  • If our existing product(s) can serve the need, we customize a “Proper Use Plan” (PUP) with the customer’s help to ensure customer receives maximum value of the product by using it effectively.
  • We conduct thorough research in validating a product for an application on customized basis to develop its proper use plan.
  • If an application requires new product development, we work with the clients closely to develop a viable product for their application.