Restore and Maximize oil production by dissolving paraffin and asphaltenes with ParaGONE™ TECHNOLOGY

ParaGONE is Flowfect’s new technology for paraffin wax and asphaltenes remediation. Flowfect combines its chemical product Paraflean and wax cutting process Flowpal into one heavy duty technology, ParaGONE. Paraffin waxes, asphaltenes, and other high melting point constituents of crude oil precipitate out of oil and obstruct or completely close the flowlines near the surface and tubulars in the wellbore. ParaGONE cleans these materials out by delivering Paraflean right to the plug. While the chemical softens the waxes, Flowpal wax cutter hurtles a laser sharp stream of high velocity chemical/water jets that disintegrate the blocking materials immediately. As the waxes disintegrate physically, Paraflean breaks them down chemically and dissolves them. This results in clean and fully open lines, restoring the production to maximum levels.

  • ParaGONE is a full service solution to blocked production and flowlines due to paraffin, asphaltenes, scale, and hydrates deposition.
  • ParaGONE is a more effective and economical replacement of hot oiling and other paraffin remediation methods. The detrimental effects of hot oiling are well-documented in oilfield literature. US Department of Energys OSTI REPORT # 10127994 is one reference.
  • Chemical treatments only work partially as they do not always come in contact with the plug. Water and other materials in the lines restrict chemicals access to the plug. Most chemical treatment suppliers tend to follow “one product cleans all paraffin” formula; the fallacies of this formula are well known, and it adds more expenses and consumes resources and time.