Marine Industry & Tank Cleaning

PARAFLEAN mixed with water, diesel or kerosene at a nominal ratio of 5 to 1 becomes an inexpensive effective solvent, which after only minutes can be washed off with pressurized water. The ratio varies depending on the material type, deposition thickness, and temperature. Two (2) barrels of PARAFLEAN can effectively clean a 10,000 barrel barge, ships hold or tank. Effective on Texaco “H” compound, all types of oil, asphalt and engine room motors.

Industrial & General Cleaning

PARAFLEAN sprayed onto asphalt trucks, vacuum trucks, frac trucks and equipment is proven to be a safe, instantly effective solvent which can reduce work / down time by 50%. When used in a steam machine, the added heat will allow PARAFLEAN to clean almost anything.

Oil / Gas Well & Flow Line Treatment

PARAFLEAN utilized in well treatment process had resulted in drastically increased production when paraffin deposition had restricted well flow. Increase of 2 to 10 barrels a day are not uncommon. In addition, flow lines are simultaneously cleaned and production is enhanced.

Transmission Lines

PARAFLEAN introduced into hydrocarbon transmission lines full strength results in remarkably clean lines, transforming deposits and the product itself back into sellable product. In conjunction with pigs, even stubborn deposits yield instantly, improving both flow and product quality.

Hydrocarbon Spill Dispersant

PARAFLEAN is an extremely effective surfactant and dispersant which is completely water soluble and safe to use. Applications of PARAFLEAN to a spill breaks the hydrocarbon molecular chain, allowing solids to precipitate our and with some agitation, complete emulsification will occur. Spray PARAFLEAN to a full strength directly onto the oil slick and immediately spray the treated area with high pressure water.

Specific Uses

  • To Clean Paraffin out of Wells
    • Use ten (10) gallons of PARAFLEAN.
    • Put in casing and circulate through tubing approximately 24
    • hours. Then turn into flow line. As a rule, this cleans tubing very well.
  • To Clean Ships, Barges & Ground Tanks
    • Mix PARAFLEAN with water, diesel, kerosene, etc. in strengths ranging from 1 to 1, through 1 to 20 as needed.
    • This mixture can be used in any type of machinery used for cleaning.
  • For Use in Asphalt & Base Wells
    • PARAFLEAN used in an asphalt well cuts the viscosity of the oil, allowing the oil to flow more rapidly.
    • Use the same treatment as in paraffin oil wells.
  • Oil Slick Dispersant
    • Spray PARAFLEAN at full strength on the oil slick.
    • Immediately spray the treated area with water under high pressure.